Introducing the board: Darshana


Full name

Darshana T aka The Little Cupcake Lady from The Little Cupcake Project

Role at

Active Board Member & Volunteer, Sponsor

Date of birth

16th Feb

Place of birth?


Where did you grow up?


Where are you living at the moment?

Zurich, Switzerland

What languages do you speak?

English, French, Creole, Hindi, learning German (or trying to…)

Your favorite cake/cupcake/pastry?

My specialty…Cupcakes of course!!!

Why do you volunteer for

I volunteer for through being an active Board member and I also support the charity association by donating 1% of all proceeds from my little cupcake startup entrepreneurship, The Little Cupcake Project. 
I believe that every human being on this planet deserves to have access to good health, shelter and care and therefore I volunteer in order to help people to maximize their life potential so they can contribute to their community and the world.  Helping the less privileged brings me a sense of satisfaction and happiness in knowing that I played a part in improving their lives.

What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy baking cupcakes, painting, blogging, travelling, discovering cultures and spending quality time with loved ones.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“What you are is what you have been, What you will be is what you do now.”

Next week we will continue introducing the board with Kalina Juzwiak aka our artist and Graphic Designer.


Introducing the sweet-hearts board: Maria

Are you wondering who is behind the organization of our events? Or who created our nice logo or website? Then you will be delighted that we will introduce our mainboard and their roles at

As we have founded our organization as an association under Swiss law, we are obligated to have fixe dorgans including a main board with a minimum of two persons and members of the association. is composed of the main board with seven members, some active and some passive members.

The Swiss law says that we have to meet officially once a year to vote about important topics, make a review of the past year and (re)vote the members of the main board. Every member (passive or active) is invited to attend this meeting(s) but passive members have no vote rights.

Everyone in our association contributes their unique talent to the success of

Today we will start introducing each of the seven members of our main board: One after the other, starting with our vice president Maria:

Maria Claudia Lorez

Full name:

Maria Claudia Lorez

Role at

Vice-President and founder

Date of birth:

23rd of December 1986

Place of birth:

Pereira, Colombia

Where did you grow up?

Mostly in Colombia and Switzerland.

Where are you living at the moment?

I am living in the City of Zurich

What languages do you speak?

English, German, Spanish and Italian

Your favorite cake/cupcake/pastry?

I really like Brownies. :)

Having been born in Colombia, a continent plagued by necessity and suffering, Maria Claudia believes in the importance of helping others and being hospitable; a mission which has grown closer to her heart since moving to Europe.

After completing her nursing studies, Maria Claudia wants nothing more than to be independent and to embark on a journey which will involve her in many interesting projects.

Nothing brings Maria Claudia more happiness than helping others and giving back to the the community.

On Wednesday we will continue introducing the board with Darshana Towakel our little cupcake Lady from the The Little Cupcake Project.


Frau buchstäblich about


Frau buchstäblich. blogging and twittering about women in economy, marketing and communication, culture, art, healthcare, trade, gastronomy and today about us.

We feel blessed and honoured to be portrayed in such a great blog.

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Barrel organs, demonstrations and vegetarian dogs in Winterthur

o many things have happened during our last cake selling event in Winterthur and we know you are very curious to know how much we have fundraised on that day! But we will keep you on tenterhooks until the and of this article. :)


At this point we would like to thank the Gewerbepolizei of Winterthur for helping us finding a date for this very successful charity cake sale! We were very happy we got the opportunity!

The Marktgasse of Winterthur had a very special atmosphere on that day and this not just because of the great weather (in fact we were freezing in the shadow!). Everywhere in the City, there were people dressed up and playing music with their old barrel organs and thanks to the very nice Mr. Bürgler from, playing next to our stand, we were able to sell some additional cakes to his audience.

Did you know that there are vegetarian dogs!? yes, ve-ge-ta-rian! That’s a dog which doesn’t eat meat! You can imagine our faces when we heard that… We were extremely fascinated about this discovery! The dog belonged to a guy with a lot of interesting facts and ideas about daily nutrition and inspired us to may try baking some vegan pastry next time (he is vegan but his dog just vegetarian). If a dog can be vegetarian I am sure we will also be able to cook some vegan cakes, right? What do YOU think of this idea? Would you like to try some vegan cupcakes?

Around 4.30pm when we were reaching the end and starting to pack our possessions, we saw a noisy crowd walking closer and closer to us with banners… It was the “Tanz dich frei” demonstration. We were panicking (actually it was just Carolina who was panicking) as they were coming nearer, so that we decided to pull our stand back to the side. BUT when they arrived they actually bought some of our cakes and listened carefully to our project… Everything was very peaceful!

OK, ok, we won’t let you wait any longer to know how much we have raised…!

WE RAISED CHF 916.00 for Verein Roter Tropfen und Lar Santo Antonio :)

That means we can increase our cupcake donation thermometers each from CHF 220.00 to CHF 678.00!


Special thanks to our volunteers Viviana and Caroline and our sweethearts Elena, Sylvia and Maja

Enjoy our photo gallery bellow. :)


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P.p.s.: Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are happy to answer your questions or welcome new members/volonteers!

Introducing the Cupcake Donation Thermometers

Can we make the Cupcake Thermometer blow up? Let’s see how many of you help us make it happen…

To have a clear overview of how much we have fundraised for our different charitable projects and associations so far, we have created the Cupcake Donation Thermometer.

After each fundraising event you will see how much heat the sweet cupcakes donations give to push the temperature level up up up until the Thermometer explodes!

We’re sure, just like us, you want to see the Thermometer explode, So come on then…To our cake selling events and eat as many cupcakes as you can!

You will find them in the menu “organizations we support”

Charity has never been sweeter!


sweethearts thermometer-01

sweethearts thermometer-02


Our first mission at in Lenzerheide

What a great day!

We had the opportunity to sell our first cupcakes at the Golfspektakel in Lenzerheide Saturday, September 7th 2013. At this point we want to say thank you to everyone who organized this extremely nice event where we met so many great people!

Maria, Darshana and Carolina had baked a kind of big choice of sweet bakery:

  • Vanilla-Buttercream Cupcakes
  • Lemon-Vanilla-Cream Cakepops
  • Guinness-Chocholate Cupcakes
  • Sprüngli-Chocolate Brownies

For this event we had decided to fundraise 50% for three urgently needed chemotherapies of children in Bolivia. This project is supported by The other half is going to Jose Frei, a Franciscan Monk in north of Brazil who helps homeless people with different disorders like drug-addiction and other serious illnesses.

More information about these projects check “organizations we support”

So how much did we fundraise on that day?

exactly CHF 422.20

But the most important thing was, that people got to know and we hope to organize our next event very soon!

Now it’s about you! Which bakery was your favorite of this event? Please feel free to comment below.

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the sweet-hearts

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